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Maxar awarded NEC Space Technologies with Supplier Excellence Award in 2022

July 8, 2023 - NEC Space Technologies, Ltd. (NECSpace), a developer and manufacturer of equipment for satellites and other spacecraft, received a 2022 Supplier Excellence Award from Maxar Technologies (Maxar). This is the ninth time in total that NEC Space Technology has been awarded by Maxar.

The Supplier Excellence Award is given to suppliers who have made significant contributions to Maxar through the whole year. NECSpace was particularly highly evaluated by Maxar for its on-time delivery rate and quality standards of its TCR equipment, consisting of Telemetry Transmitter that sends satellite status information to the ground station and Command Receiver that receives command signals from the ground station, for SiriusXM (SXM) 9 and10 satellites,

“Our satellites must work the first time, every time, and that means we need to produce quality systems that operate on the ground and in orbit. NECSpace’s performance helps Maxar deliver reliable products on schedule across those domains,” said Jennifer Santoro, senior director of Supply Chain for Space at Maxar.

NECSpace have delivered a total of 312 TCR equipment including Beacon Transmitter to Maxar.

NECSpace is also manufacturing 16 TCR equipment for SXM 11 and 12 and ES XXV, which was recently awarded to Maxar.

NECSpace will continue to contribute to the space utilization and the expansion of the space industry by providing its highly reliable equipment to customers.

Honored award by Maxar in 2022
Honored award by Maxar in 2022

Maxar Senior Vice President and General Manager of Space Chris Johnson (Third from right) and Senior Director of Supply Chain Jennifer Santoro (Second from right) gave the award to NEC Space Technologies President Hideki Katagiri (Fifth from right)